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On Being an Egg

By Lucinda Bunn

I am an egg.

Grasp me from the sides and apply pressure,

And I break into a million pieces and spill everywhere.

Grasp me from the top to the bottom, and I break for no one and no thing.

Lay me on my side and spin me and I will dance until the music of the momentum comes to rest. I have had a brush with a crushing or two, but so far, I am still in one piece.

Am I going to break?

Or am I going to be gentle with me in transit

And stand tall and firm?

It's tricky being an egg.

You can’t stand upright all the time

But other eggs can help.

I hope you have a happy egg day.

That you find good eggs to support you if you need it.

That you dodge any potential crushing.

and that if you let anybody touch you, they squeeze you from the top and bottom or spin you around until you are breathless.

Oh, and one more thing.

If you see water starting to boil, run the other way.

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