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“A magical night going down memory lane with Emerald Coast Storytellers last night! So many talented writers shared their work, and I was honored to share a bit of my publishing story as well.”

Meredith Wild, New York Times Bestselling Author


“This blew us away. A truly magical experience for locals of South Walton.”

Dave King, SOWAL House


“If you are looking for a unique, intimate night out, check out Emerald Coast Storytellers! The theme for December was ‘Nostalgia’ and was hosted by Distillery 98 with Meredith Wild as the featured storyteller. The storytellers took us on an emotional stroll down memory lane. We are looking forward to attending again!”

The Touristy Locals


“It was so refreshing to have an inspiring night with locals being real and sharing creativity instead of the typical ‘bar scene.’ We need more of this! Thank you to Kristy and Ali for creating the platform with Emerald Coast Storytellers and Distillery 98 for hosting. Loved hearing everyone and hope to join some of the writing sessions soon.”


“Really thankful Emerald Coast Storytellers created this space for our local writing community. Icing on the cake was having Meredith Wild as our guest reader. Place yourself in rooms that make your Wildest dreams feel possible.”

Amanda Abbott

Sharon Vaughn

“Great folks doing a great thing! What started as some friends getting together and sharing stories, has quickly turned into one of the absolute coolest and most fun things in our whole town. Thanks Ali & Kristy, y'all are awesome and so is the Emerald Coast Storytellers!”

Jordan Crowder


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