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Take Two

By Tricia Veldman


Clean slate

      fresh start

          new page

Didn’t like how I behaved

but to my past I’m not enslaved

Today’s a brand new day 

and I can take it any kinda way 

Don’t have to wait

to rejuvenate my fate

for the start of the year or the month or some arbitrary date 

I can choose to start anew 

with the snap 

of my fingers

It’s a choice.

It’s a thought.

And while temptation lingers

    to let old habits persist 

I can resist

     when I choose to insist

that a revamp is possible

     in even ordinary instants


You see, I’ve come to see 

every moment as pregnant

         with possibility

to upgrade our thoughts and uplevel our lives

The past is the past 

     and looks like I survived 

Thank you, old self, for that which I’ve learned

I’ll carry the lessons as the pages I turn

but I’m not locked into the same old routine

and if I can decide right now that I’d like to start clean

I can do it 

On the inner, at least 

I know reinvention takes time

   and change is a beast 

But with every thought

    that rattles my brain

I have the power

     to rewrite the refrain 

No longer victim to my pain 

And if I’d rather not go there again 

I can erase! 

Clean slate

 fresh start

new page

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