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Imposter Princess

By Tricia Veldman

Don’t you give up now,

baby girl

you’ve got the world on your side

and when that imposter voice pipes up

remember all the tears you had cried

begging to arrive

at the grand palace entry way 

which now you face 

Yet instead of going in 

you so nervously pace

Maybe it's easier to chase 

than it is to seize

like a puppy with a rabbit 

all you think to do is freeze

Because your excuses have expired -

you're at the point of no return

But you don’t want to go back,

baby girl 

Remember your old world?

and that uneasy heartfelt sense 

that there must be something more?

Darling, this is it: 

you're standing at the door 

Yet you’re terrified 

of what's inside 

what if there's no soft space to hide?

The throne looks shiny from afar,

  but what if the seat is hard? 

What if it's lonely at the top and…

Girl, you had better stop 

with foolish defenses

that keep you playing small

Your destiny is ringing 

and you had better take the call

Don't be afraid of your own gifts -

even Elsa got a grip 

Why suppress your own power? 

Why lay low in a high tower?


You wouldn't have been brought here

if you were not welcome in 

But go ahead,

enjoy the porch 

until you're ready to begin

No one will force you -

we all just want to see you win

But that doorknob can be turned 

by your hand alone 

and you have the strength to do it -

please may that be known!

It's not a strength of force

- you don’t have to push or pound or punch


Give a self-assured turn,

and darling… I have a hunch 

that the weight will be lifted 

the knob will twist with ease

  the door gently glided open by the warmest breeze

of majestic angel wings 

You're taken aback by the dazzling glow 

but quickly your eyes adjust 

Automatically you elevate 

all you feel is trust

in yourself 

in the world

in your path, baby girl

You never needed to fear

being blinded by the light 

because you’ve got the world on your side 

and your future

is bright

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